Photos and Videos from Tournaments can be found here

December 27, 2011 to December 31, 2011 Escondido Spectactular Tournament

Summary: We won all five round robin games but lost to OC2K in the finals in an overtime shoot out.

122711 vs KHS99 8-1 W

122911 vs OC00s 3-2 W

123011 vs Blue Devils 5-2 W

123011 vs 2000 Jaguars 7-1 W

123011 vs Jr. Gulls 3-1 W

123111 vs OC2000 1-2 L Overtime shoot out

Sept 2, 2011 to Sept 5, 2011 - KHS Labor Day Tournament

Summary: We went 2-1 in round robins which got us into playoffs. In semi-finals we lost in overtime to Firstar and then won over OC2000 for the consolation game.

vs Jr Kings 99 6-0 Win

vs Phoenix Coyotes 14-1 Win

vs Wildcats 2000 3-7 Loss

vs Firstar 4-5 Overtime Loss

vs OC2000 3-2 Win

Nov 4 - 5 Nike Bauer Tournament Chicago

Summary: We won 1 and lost 3 and wound up playing KHS 99's in our consolation game. I didn't take as many photos as I usually do because I forgot my battery charger :(

vs Long Island Royals 1-7 L

vs Suburban Stars 4-2 W

vs Steven's Creek Ice Hawks 2-4 L

vs KHS 99 4-5 L